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Agnipath Scheme has introduced in  Armed Forces to select Agniveers to serve the Indian Air Force for a period four years.This new scheme provides a golden opportunity for India’s youth to experience military life without having to make a long term commitment.These Agniveers once enrolled into the Indian Air Force, will be governed under the Air Force Act 1950. As part of the enrolment process, each ‘Agniveer’ will be required to formally accept all terms and conditions of the AGNIPATH Scheme. Agniveers who have exited will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the IAF in the regular cadre. Agniveers will not have any right to be selected for further enrolment into the Armed Forces. For personnel below the age of 18 years, the enrolment form will need to be signed by the parents / guardians, in accordance with extant provisions.Post serving the IAF for four years, certain percentage of Agniveers would be given an opportunity to re-enroll themselves into regular cadre. The remaining Agniveers would be joining the civil life to pursue their careers in other organizations or work as dynamic entrepreneurs, thereby continuing to contribute to the overall development of the nation. The Seva Nidhi of approx. 10.04 Lakhs would aid the Agniveer to settle and lead a decent lifestyle as a young entrepreneur/ start a second career.

Agnipath, Agneepath Age Limit, Educational Qualification, Physical Standards, Eligibilty :
Eligible age is from 17.5 years to 21 years. Educational qualifications and physical standards would be issued by the Indian Air Force. All India, All Classes are eligible.
Medical Test for Standards Agnipath, Agneepath Agniveer scheme :
Agniveers will have to follow the medical eligibility conditions for enrolment in the  Indian Air Force as applicable to respective categories  and trades. No permanent Low Medical Category Agniveer will be eligible for continuation of his engagement after being placed on Medical Category.
Pay, Allowances and Allied Benefits. Individuals enrolled under this Scheme will be paid an Agniveer package of Rs. 30,000/- per month with a fixed yearly increment. In addition, Risk and Hardship, Dress and Travel allowances will be paid
Agnipath Payment Modality – ‘Seva Nidhi’ Package :
Two options to receive the Seva Nidhi package will be provided to each Agniveer, with an aim to provide financial loans for self-employment / entrepreneurship through a bank Guarantee as also to meet immediate / incidental expenses, on exit. Details will be issued separately by Government of India.
Life  Insurance Cover for Agnipath, Agneepath :
Agniveers will be provided life insurance cover of Rs. 48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period as Agniveers in the IAF.
Agnipath, Agneepath Compensation for Death :
In case of death, Agniveers will be provided life insurance cover of Rs. 48 lakhs and all other compensation as per details below as Payment of Disability/ Death
Categorization of Death :
Category X :

Death due to natural causes neither attributable to nor aggravated by military Service during the engagement period.
Category Y :
Death due to causes which are accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service or due to accidents/mishaps in the performance of duties including training during the engagement period.
Category Z :
During the engagement period, death due to acts of violence/attack by terrorists, anti-social elements, enemy, during border skirmishes/war/peace keeping operation/aid to civil power, etc; and during operational preparation and training for war including battle inoculation training/exercises; and accidental deaths due to natural calamities/operations specially notified by the Govt, etc.
Compensation for Disability in Agnipath, Agneepath :
In case an individual is placed in Permanent Low Medical Category,  the authorities will assess the percentage of disability and attributability. Such personnel will be discharged from IAF on medical grounds post payment of lump-sum compensation. 

Payment of Disability/ Death for Agniveer scheme 2022,
Death during engagement period on Bonafide duty (Category ‘Y’/’Z’) :

  1. Insurance Cover of Rs 48 lakhs.
  2. One-time ex-gratia Rs 44 Lakhs.
  3. Full pay for unserved period upto four years (with effect from date of death) including Seva Nidhi component.
  4. Balance accumulated (as on date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi’ fund and Govt contribution including interest from the Agniveer Corpus Fund

Death during engagement period not on duty (Category ‘X’) :

  1. Insurance Cover of Rs 48 lakhs.
  2. Balance accumulated (as on date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi fund and Govt contribution including interest from the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

Disability (attributed /aggravated due to conditions of engagement) :

  1. One-time ex-gratia Rs 44/25/15 Lakhs based on % of disability (100/75/50) from Public Fund.
  2. Full pay for unserved period up to
  3. four years (with effect from date of disability) including Seva Nidhi component (from Public Fund).
  4. Balance accumulated (as on date) in the individual’s Seva Nidhi fund including interest and Govt contribution from the Agniveer Corpus Fund.

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