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AP Department of Gram, Ward Volunteers and Village, Ward Secretariats New Department

AP New Department of Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers and Village Secretariats /Ward Secretariats : WWW.VUROOZ.COM

The Andhra Pradesh Government have  create a new Department with the name i.e. “Department of Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers and Village Secretariats /Ward Secretariats“ to achieve the optimum utilization of human resources positioned in the newly created secretariats for better coordination and synergy among the Welfare and Implementation Departments, it is felt necessary to create a new Department to act as an integrated institution to build the capacities, to ensure Real time monitoring of newly positioned volunteers and secretariat functionaries for delivery of services to the citizens at their doorsteps and issued the following objectives of “Department of Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers and Village Secretariats /Ward Secretariats“ are as detailed below vide
  • Ensure effective coordination among the newly positioned functionaries in village/ ward secretariat by mustering support from the concerned departments.
  • Ensure Intensive, Integrated and Comprehensive Training to all functionaries in village/ward Secretariats including volunteers.
  • Ensure well defined responsibilities and roles and specify these in a Manual with Clear Job Charts for all functionaries for smooth functioning of Secretariat.
  • Identify Key convergence areas and development of operational Strategies.
  • Ensure effective participation of all related departments in village and ward planning and its implementation.
  • Ensure proper infrastructural facilities to both Village and Ward Secretariats.
  • Ensure funds flow online and ensure proper accounting system is put in place.
  • Ensure Suitable Mechanism for convergence of CBOs with Secretariats.
  • Establish effective online monitoring system and to ensure effective delivery of services.
  • Generation of Real time MIS reports to take appropriate decisions at Government level. 
G.O.Ms.No.156, GAD (CABINET-II) Department Dated:21.12.2019
G.O.Ms.No.104, PR&RD Department, dated:22.06.2019
G.O.Ms.No.201, MA&UD Department, dated:23.06.2019
G.O.Ms.No.110, PR&RD Department, dated:19.07.2019
G.O.Ms.No.217, MA&UD Department, dated:20.07.2019

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