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YSR Pension Kanuka Card aplication status and payment status :
The Government of Andhra Pradesh is going to issue YSR Pension Kanuka Card for enhancement of pension for old Age Persons, widow, Toddy Tappers, weavers, Single women, Fishermen, ART (PLHIV) Persons , Traditional Cobblers to Rs.2250/- per month, Disabled persons,Transgender and Dappu Artists to Rs.3,000/- per month, and also for people affected with Chronic Kidney Disease who are undergoing Dialysis both Government and network hospitals to Rs.10,000/- per month. The enhanced scale of pension came into effect from June, 2019 payable from 1st July, 2019 vide G.O.Ms.No.103 Dated:30.05.2019.
Eligibility Criteria Common to all Pensions
  • The proposed beneficiary shall be from BPL family holding white ration card.
  • He/she shall be a local resident of the district.
  • He/she are not covered under any other Pension Scheme.
Old Age Pension :
  • Old age persons, both male and female, who are 60 years of age or above and are destitute (with little or no means of subsistence and no family or relative to depend upon).
Weavers Pension :
  • Weaver is 50 years of age or above and destitute.
Widow Pension :
  • As per the Marriage Act 18 years and above.
Disabled Pension :
  • Disabled persons having a minimum of 40% disability and No age limit.
Toddy Toppers Pension :
  • 50 years and above. Members of Toddy Co-operative Societies (TCS) or to an individual tapper under the Tree For Tappers (TFT) scheme and who have completed 50 years of age as on 1.2.2009.
ART Pension :
  • No age limit. 6 months continuous treatment on ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy).
CKDU Pension :
  • No age limit.Patients under going Continuous Kidney Dialysis(Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown etiology).
Transgender Pension :
  • Transgender is 18 years of age or above.
Fisherman Pension :
  • Fisherman is 50 years of age or above.
Single Women Pension :
  • Married women who are separated / deserted shall have above 35 years of age and the separation period shall be more than 1 year as on date of sanction of pension.
  • Unmarried women who are having 30 years and above of age in Rural and for Urban 35 years and above of age and no support of the family.
Traditional Cobblers Pension :
  • Traditional Cobblers is above 40 years of age.
Dappu Artists Pension :
  • Dappu Artists is above 50 years of age.
Pension Amount :
  • The benefit under each pension for OAP, Single Women, Weavers, Widow, Fisherman, Toddy Tappers, PLHIV (ART Pensions), Traditional Cobblers will be Rs.2250/- per month and for Disabled, Transgender, Dappu Artists pensions will be Rs.3000/- per month.CKDU pensions will be Rs.10000/- per month.
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