No Renewal of Form B Licenses once issued to the LPG Distributors in Andhra Pradesh GO.Ms.No.16, dated:01.08.2018

The Andhra Pradesh state Government has decided to amend Clause 5 of the APPP (L&RS) Order, 1980 on renewal of Form ‘B’ License by LPG Distributors. In the regard the Government of Andhra Pradesh the has issued GO.Ms.No.16 dated:01.08.2018 and Gazette Notification for amending Clause (5) of APPP (L&RS) Order, 1980 for “Licenses once issued will valid for the life period without insisting on renewal” to the LPG Distributors in Andhra Pradesh. The AP State govt were already issued orders for amending the exempting of M.S. & H.S.D retail outlets from renewal of form-B license and Oil tankers used for transportation of petroleum products from renewal of Form F certificate vide GO.Ms.No.17 dated:21.11.2016 

Downlaod AP GOs relating to APPP (L&RS) Order, 1980 
  1. GO.Ms.No.16 dated:01.08.2018
  2. GO.Ms.No.17 dated:21.11.2016


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