AP Regularization of Un Registered agreements sale deeds Sada Bainamas upto 5 Acres for payment of stamp duty

The Govt of AP has decided to regularize of un registered (Form ‘X’ Claims) sale deeds  (Sada Bainamas) throughout the state and regularization of the same under Rule 22(2) of A.P.Rights in Land & Pattadar Pass Books, Rules 1989 read with Section 5(A) of A.P. Rights in Land & Pattadar Pass Books Act, 1971 as one time settlement duly exempting from payment of Stamp Duty and Registration fees in respect of Small and Marginal Farmers up to a maximum extent of Ac.5.00 cents of dry Land. In this regard the Govt has issued the following conditions for regularize the transactions by un-registered sale deeds (Sada Binamas) under Bhu-Bharathi programme in respect of small and marginal farmers who are in actual (legal) physical possession in rural areas of Nizamabad district by exempting from the payment up to Rs.5,000/- towards stamp duty including transfer duty and Registration fee.
  • The concerned Tahsildar invites the applications from the small and marginal farmers who are willing to regularize the unregistered sale deeds by wide publicity through beat of tom tom.
  • The transfers and alienations which took place prior to 02.06.2014 and subject to producing un-registered sale deeds / Sada Bainama of the dates before 02.06.2014.
  • The regularizations shall be applicable only to the agricultural lands located in rural areas.
  • This scheme shall not be applicable for the transfers pertaining to the land located in the area of all Urban Local Bodies, Municipal Corporations, Municipalities and Nagar Panchayats in the state.
  • Small Farmer means a person having agricultural land upto 2.5Acres of Wet or 5 Acres of dry Land.
  • Marginal farmer means a person having Agricultural land up to 1.25 Acres of Wet or 2.5 Acres of dry Land.
  • The Tahsildar will file the unregistered papers (Originals only) with the Sub-Registrar concerned after thorough enquiry, as per the procedure under Record of Rights Act.
  • The concerned Sub-Registrar will verify and determine the stamp duty and Registration fee amount to be collected for each transaction and send it to the Tahsildar concerned.
  • If the total amount of stamp duty, Transfer Duty and Registration fee is less than Rs.5000/-, the entire amount is exempted for each case of regularization. If the total amount exceeds Rs.5000/-, the Tahsildar will collect the balance amount from the concerned small and marginal farmers and remit the amount to Government through the challan to the relevant Head of Account.
  • The challan and relevant papers will be handed over to the Sub-Registrar for registration.
  • Sub-Registrar will take up the registration and the documents will be sent to the Tasildar.
  • The Tahsildar will issue certificate and hand over all papers to the concerned.
Download the GO's relating to the regularization of un registered (Form ‘X’ Claims) sale deeds  (Sada Bainamas)
  1. G.O.MS.No. 321 Revenue (EA &AR) Department Dated: 21-06-2018
  2. G.O.Ms.No.826, Revenue (SS 1) Department. Dated. 01.07.2008.
  3. G.O.Ms.No.1445, Revenue (SS 1) Department. Dated. 05.12.2008.
  4. G.O.Ms.No.314, Revenue (Registration. II) Department. Dated. 12.06.2013

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