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Sadly BlackBerry outages are becoming a common occurrence these days. This afternoon our tip box was overloaded with users who wanted to know why their BlackBerry Messenger wasn’t working. Then we received more tips that BlackBerry e-mail was down and this outage was also affecting web browsing so we knew something was wrong.

Further investigation indicated that other services were not working like many popular third party apps that need Internet access. Oddly enough a new BlackBerry Messenger ( was released during the downtime. This is what happened during the last outage which was only a week ago. In fact this is the third major BIS outage we had this month but this is certainly the biggest.

At this time the BlackBerry outage seems to still be in effect which means BIS has been down for over 4 hours now. We don’t exactly know what is causing these problems but expect RIM to release some kind of statement, especially after this one.

Users of Research In Motion's Blackberry smart phones struggled with an e-mail outage Tuesday evening. Phone calling and texting services appeared to be functional, but users in North America were unable to send or receive e-mail messages. Would-be users tweeted their frustration on social networking site Twitter. Some said they also could not connect to the Internet.

Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion Ltd. didn't immediately return calls seeking comment. It marks the second time in less than a week that BlackBerry users in North America have had to deal with e-mail outages on their Blackberry devices. Research In Motion said last Thursday that technicians had isolated and resolved the issue and were investigating the cause. RIM didn't say how many users were affected or how long that outage lasted.
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