AP Districts Reorganization Portal Website http://drp.ap.gov.in for 25 or 26 New districts


Increasing of Districts in Andhra Pradesh from 13 to 25 or 26 under Reorganization program.

The  Government  of  Andhra  Pradesh  is  planning  to  take governance  to  the  doorsteps  of  the  citizens in andhra pradesh to improving   the   lives  of   the citizens   of   Andhra   Pradesh   and   enhancing   their satisfaction.  For  bringing  the  administration  at  the  District  level  closer  to  the people,  the  Government  intends  to  increase  the  number  of districts  in  the  State, from  the  present 13  districts  to  25 or 26  districts,  duly  considering  that  the present districts in the State are large and unwieldy to administer. As  a  part  of  this  https://drp.ap.gov.in/HomePage.do  portal  on  District  Reorganization  has  been  developed  to capture  the  data  from  the  districts  in  respect  of  necessary  aspects.

The Departments  in  Districts  of Andhra Pradesh have  to  submit  the  following  data :

  • Department’s Vacant Land (Only):
  • Buildings/Buildings   with   attached   vacant   land:
  • Govt. owned Buildings
  • Govt. owned Buildings with attached vacant land  
  • Rented / Leased Buildings Note:  

Step by Step guide provided to submit the data in the portal.
The following steps to be followed to logon to portal:

  • Open the web browser.
  • Enter the website address as https://drp.ap.gov.in or https://drp.ap.gov.in/Login.do
  • The website homepage gets displayed as shown below

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