AP Pension to Traditional Cobblers Scheme 2018 @ Rs.1000/- per month, AP Social Security Pensions

New pension Scheme to the eligible Cobblers in  Andra Pradesh under "Pension to Traditional Cobblers"
The Hon'ble Chief Minister has announced the sanction of pension to the eligible Cobblers in the State to addressing the income vulnerability and for providing a safety net to the Traditional cobblers, the Government hereby introduces a new scheme by the name of “Pension to Traditional Cobblers” under which a monthly pension of Rs. 1,000/- per month shall be released to the identified eligible beneficiaries and to securing a dignified life to the poor and vulnerable sections of the society and in supporting their minimum needs and bringing happiness in their lives, in line with Vision 2029 framework of the Government which places emphasis on inclusive development, based on the twin pivots of Samaja Vikasam and Kutumba Vikasam and aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals vide GO.MS.No.191, dated:12.11.2018 (SOW01 - SOCIAL WELFARE)
Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required :
  • The beneficiary should be from the Scheduled Caste Community (Nativity, Caste/Community and Date of Birth Certificate issued by MeeSeva (commonly known as MeeSeva Integrated Certificate)
  • The beneficiary should be a cobbler by profession, having no other principal source of income. (Applicant self-declaration. )
  • The Beneficiary should have completed 40 years of age on the date of application (MeeSeva Integrated Certificate or Aadhar Card(Age as per Aadhar))
  • The beneficiary shall be a resident of A.P. (Enrollment in E-Pass White Ration Card/MeeSeva Integrated Certificate, with a mention of residential address)
  • The beneficiary shall be from the ‘Below the Poverty Line’ segment of the population. (White Ration Card/Annapoorna Card/Antodaya Card. )
  • The beneficiary shall not be drawing any pension from the Government of A.P. (Applicant self-declaration.)
  • Miscellaneous requirements (1.Beneficiary shall have a valid Aadhaar Number and 2.Beneficiary shall furnish his/her mobile number.)
Mode of Registration:
The applicants shall register their application at any MeeSeva Centre. Applicant may visit a MeeSeva Centre with copies of the above mentioned certificates. The MeeSeva Operator shall enter the certificate numbers at the relevant fields of the Application Module. After successful registration, the Aadhaar biometric authentication of the applicant is taken and an acknowledgement number is generated and sent as an SMS to the applicant’s mobile number
Sanction of the pension by Joint Directors / Dy.Directors (SW):
  • The MPDO/ Municipal Commissioners shall verify and submit the applications list  of beneficiaries to the login of Joint Director/Deputy Director (SW) of the District. The Joint Director/Deputy Director (SW), shall issue sanction proceedings and the same will be sent to CEO, SERP and Director of Social Welfare.
  • Pension to Traditional Cobblers Scheme Field Verification:
  • The application submitted at the MeeSeva Centre shall be pushed to the login of the concerned Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MPDO) in the rural areas and Municipal Commissioners concerned, in the urban areas.
  • MPDO/Municipal Commissioner assigns the applications received to the concerned Panchayat Secretaries / Bill Collectors respectively, for field verification.
  • As part of the field verification, the Panchayat Secretary/Bill Collectors shall visit the residence of the applicant and verify the certificates. She/he shall also carry out local enquiry to ascertain that the applicant is a Traditional cobbler by profession, without any other principal source of income.
  • The Panchayat Secretary/Bill Collector shall send the field verification report to the login of MPDO/Municipal Commissioner, respectively.
Download GO.MS.No.191, dated:12.11.2018

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