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AP Sales tax exemption on HSD Diesel oil to fishing boats in AP Mechanised Fishing Vessels

Exemption of sales tax Rs.6.03 Paisa on HSD Diesel oil scheme to all eligible Mechanized Fishing Vessels :
The Andhra Pradesh State government has issued orders vide G.O.MS.No. 47 ANIMAL HUSBANDRY, DAIRY DEVELOPMENT & FISHERIES (FISH) DEPARTMENT, dated:04.10.2018  for implementation of HSD Oil subsidy scheme to the fishing boats in Andhra  Pradesh. In this HSD Oil subsidy scheme Sales tax on HSD @ Rs.6.03 Paisa per liter to all the 1938 mechanized  and 15804 motorized fishing boats which are registered and in operation as on 30-04-2018 for sustainable fishing and viability of fishing operations are exempted.  The ceiling limit of HSD oil is 3000 liters per month per boat in case of mechanized boats and 300 liters per month per boat in case of motorized crafts for 10 months in a year. This facility extend to avail incentives by all fishing boats and 83 HSD outlets were identified in all 9 coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh state. The Government has notify the 83 new HSD outlets in supersession of earlier orders of the Government in all 9 coastal districts to supply HSD for implementation of the orders . This scheme of “exemption of sales tax on HSD oil” for all eligible Mechanized Fishing Vessels (MFV)  and Motorized Craft (MC) all along the coast of Andhra Pradesh, for the financial year 2018-19 except the ban on marine fishing period.
AP Fisheries Department  GO’s :
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