Ramzan 2010 Special Haleem Dish | what is Haleem ? | How To Prepare Haleem Dish ? | What are Ingredients for making Haleem ? | Hyderabadi Special Haleem |

vuroozRamzan Special Dish Haleem :
What is Haleem ?
Hallem is a type of stew made from pounded wheat and mutton into a thick paste. It is main item For Muslims during the Holy month of Ramzan (Ramadan) . It is a tradition to break the daily fast (roza) at Iftar time with a plateful of haleem.
What are Ingredients for making Haleem ?
For Making of Hallem we use the following items Like mutton, cracked wheat, lentils, ginger & garlic paste, turmeric ,spices and hot topped with ghee based gravy and finally make Garnish with lime pieces, coriander and fried onions .
How To Prepare Haleem Dish ?
Haleem is cooked on a low flame for over 10 hours in the bhatti , mixing it thoroughly with large wooden sticks through out its preparation, until it gets to a sticky-smooth Paste.
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