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"Maruti Suzuki engineers have specially developed the Eeco, its new powerful engine and a new transmission system to meet the diverse consumer aspirations that look for a vehicle that fit a large family and at the same time provides flexibility for dual use," Maruti Suzuki India MD and CEO Shinzo Nakanishi told reporters at the 10th auto Expo here.

The Eeco is powered by a 1200cc petrol engine, which is compliant with Bharat Stage IV emission norms.

The company said the Eeco represents the growing expertise of Maruti Suzuki engineers to develop vehicles in India which is also in line with parent Suzuki Motor Corporation's vision of turning India into a global hub for small car design.

The Eeco comes with a flexi design offering seven seater and five seater options. The company also said it will be unveiling a concept electric version of the Eeco, named Eco Charge, which has been developed by the Maruti Suzuki engineers.

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