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Cardiovascular Technologist – Jobs and Salary Range
Are you contemplating a career in travel healthcare as a cardiovascular technologist? Med Travelers offers temporary cardiovascular technician assignments at competitive hourly rates in a variety of locations. Apply online for available cardiovascular tech jobs and let our recruiters help you discover the exciting opportunities waiting for you. Positions are located throughout the country and include valuable benefits and employment incentives.

Cardiovascular Technician Job Description and Responsibilities
Cardiovascular Technologist Education and Training
Cardiovascular Tech Salary and Benefits
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Cardiovascular Technician Job Description and Responsibilities

Cardiovascular technicians assist physicians with diagnostic cardiology tests and also monitor cardiovascular data during procedures. Cardiovascular technologists can choose to specialize in vascular technology, invasive cardiology or echocardiography (noninvasive cardiology) depending on their interests. Most cardiovascular tech jobs are located in hospitals. The work is considered physically demanding, as technologists must often maneuver patients during treatment, as well as setup and transfer heavy equipment. The work of a cardiovascular technician is also regarded as emotionally stressful, due to the fragile state of many of the patients cared for.

Cardiovascular Technologist Education and Training
Individuals considered qualified for cardiovascular technician jobs through Med Travelers have completed an accredited education program (associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree) and earned the proper certification for their intended position. Several additional certifications are available for cardiovascular technologists seeking to advance their careers.

Cardiovascular Tech Salary and Benefits
Generally speaking, a typical cardiovascular tech salary averages at around $40,000 annually. With additional training and experience, advanced cardiovascular technologists earn a median salary around $60,000 or more per year. Med Travelers offers cardiovascular technician jobs at an hourly wage that is competitive with the current job market. Additionally, Med Travelers provides employees with free housing, benefits, reimbursement for qualified expenses and the opportunity to travel.

Salary Considerations for Cardiovascular Technologists
  • Level of Training/Education.
  • Location.
  • Experience.
  • Specializations/Certifications.
Apply for Cardiovascular Technician Jobs with Med Travelers Today!
As a traveling cardiovascular technologist you can earn competitive, generous wages from Med Travelers. Temporary cardiovascular technologist jobs are available throughout the country and Med Travelers will help match you with positions that are ideal for your level of experience and education. Apply online now and explore the opportunity to gain valuable medical expertise in a wide variety of treatment settings.

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